OK, Lets clear some things, things you all have to know!

I'm still working on a new MyBattery v3 app, but...
in an attempted to counter the apps on the Apple App Store i made a light (and i mean really light) version and submitted it for review to Apple.
All went fine till they called me (yes they called me)! The version i created is not accepted! why? Because i display a calculation of the remaining times (only one of the next features like the other apps on the Apple App Store do). So i removed this and resubmitted it again, lets see what happens!

Next using the official allowed battery level reading of Apple there is only an accuracy to the nearest 5%, when using my version for jail-broken devices i don't have the 5% limit! Mainly this is really imported (for me), when i create an app i want it to work as accurate as possible, hope you do the same!

So if or not MyBattery will be on the Apple App Store it will never be really accurate and will never be as advanced!

So i hope you all will keep supporting me in making MyBattery (jail-broken) a pleasure to use.

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Last updated 2009-10-12